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Education Reviews


Dear Kent,

I am a student at the Iowa Falls-Alden school district. Today we watched your movie, The Final Season, and when it was done you came and gave us a speech about following our dreams, but always have an alternative plan. That was really inspirational, for me. I now know that I should try to follow all my dreams, but keep my eyes open for other possibilities. The movie was amazing! I loved it, and I believe it is now my all time favorite movie! Thank you, so much, for coming to our school and speaking!



Hi Kent, my name is Andy. You came to my school Storm Lake St. Mary’s.  I just wanted you to know I thought your speech was amazing. It is unbelievable everything that you
accomplished. The Final Season is and has been my favorite movie since it came out. The reason I am writing you is because your story kind of relates to me. Throughout the speech you would often bring up how you dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. Well that's been my dream since about the day I first held a baseball.  Baseball is my escape. And after listening to your talk today, I could tell you felt the same.  And if my dream doesn't turn out the way I want then there is only one thing I want, and that is to change people’s lives. Showing
them to go with whatever life throws at you. Just like you. I'm sorry this got long but I just wanted you to know that there is a kid in Storm Lake, Iowa whose life got changed because of you. And I also want you to know that I'm going to fight for my dream and if I don't get it then I think I have a pretty good plan B.

Storm Lake St. Mary’s


Mr. Stock,

I am finally getting a chance to catch up after a busy, stressful, but exciting week as we started school this Thursday. But, I did want take a minute of your time to say thank for the motivating speech you gave to the employees of the Waterloo Community School District on Monday.  My wife and I are both teachers for the district and walked away from the auditorium inspired and energized to start the school year. I heard the same comments for many other district employees. Through our staff, your energy has and will continue to positively impact our students.

In addition, thank you for what you do. You were given a gift and have made the choice to use it to make a difference in the lives of adults and children.

Again, thank you for your positive message.



Mr. Stock,

Thank you so much for taking time from your family to speak at DMACC today. I was in the audience and was moved to tears by what you said.

I left the insurance industry in Des Moines after 20 years and decided to become a teacher. I am doing what I am doing to make a difference – so THANK YOU for helping me!

Thank you – take care – and God Bless.

Instructor at Des Moines Area Community College



I am a kindergarten teacher, and I was at the Teacher of the Year Banquet on Friday, May 4th in Burlington where you were the guest speaker.  I was one of the lucky ones who won a copy of your book.  My husband and I really enjoyed your speech.  Being the varsity volleyball coach and a teacher, I was able to relate to every word you spoke about!  My husband actually surprised me with a movie from the movie store yesterday for mother's day.  It was your movie "The Final Season".  We really enjoyed the movie VERY much!   

We had to leave right away after the banquet on Friday, so I did not get a chance to thank you for such a wonderful and motivational speech! 

Thank you so much again for inspiring me to continue to be the best teacher and coach I can be for the kids I come in contact with! 

Ms. Kristy
Kindergarten Teacher



Mr. Stock:

My name is Paige. It took me a while to find your email. I have seen your movie, the final season.  I am an 11 year old girl.  You spoke to at my middle school.  Three words…. I WAS INSPIRED.  I am a singer, every single time I sing in front of someone they say that I am amazing.  Because of you I am getting singing lessons next week.  I want to be a professional singer.  I am taking it as far I can.  The speech you gave inspired me!  I hope you don’t stop speaking to kids YOU INPACTED MY LIFE.

Thank you


Mr. Stock- I'll try to make this as short as possible. My family and I just finished watching "The Final Season" for the 6th time, last night.  I met you at the Iowa High School Coaches Association meeting that was held several weeks ago. You spoke at the FCA breakfast!

We are a baseball family here and the story of Norway's final season has really touched our lives. We also were touched by your book and thank you for that chance to look into the details of not only your life, but of the life of Norway baseball and the Norway community.  God obviously has a great plan and purpose for your life and as you continue to touch other people’s lives beyond what you have already done.  I wanted to thank you and encourage you.


Coach Ian


Mr. Stock:

Your speech at Ashford Commencement was enlightening and sent us all a great message. I spent 22 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, most of it as a rescue swimmer in Alaska and New Jersey, decided after retirement to return to school. I graduated with a secondary education degree with science and special education endorsements.  I coach high school softball.  I hope to be a great mentor to my students like you were and your words of encouragement will stay with me throughout my career.  Be well and from and old Coast Guard tradition "Wishing you Fair Winds and Following Seas" on your life endeavors.


Kirk Machovec,
Ashford University



I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your talk here at Windsor High School today. I enjoyed your message and agree with your sentiments.

Again thanks for coming to Windsor High School, our students need to hear more from speakers like you. What you do is important and needed and appreciated.  Children are God’s gift, they need to be treated like the blessing they are.


George Glasscock




Corporate and Association Reviews


Hi Kent,

Just thought I'd thank you for your visit to Rotary today.  You did an amazing job and I think the group really enjoyed it.  I've been a member of this club for 8 years, have chaired membership for the last 5 years (about 310 members) and have sat on the board now for my second term.  It's a great group of people and is just about every business leader in our community.  Pretty powerful group.

A lot of what you said rang true to my life and thought it was great.  Anyway, I really appreciate what you said today and was my pleasure to meet you.

Take care and keep in touch,

Dave Sowers



Thanks for the great speech today at our meeting.   Several times it took me back in my life both the relationship with my dad and my 3 sons whom I have all coached in baseball.  My dad first taught me to keep score at a Cardinals/Reds game in 1969 and 30 years later I did the same with my oldest son.  Anyway, thanks for the memories.  I loved your story!!!

Craig Bergstrom - Chief Financial Officer
Kum & Go – We go all out!


I recently heard you speak at the Deere & Company Auditorium. It was so inspiring and your story is very interesting.

I just placed an order for your book and I can’t wait to get it. Thanks again for coming, I’m thankful for the opportunity to listen to you speak.  It was the best part of my day!!

Chris Ekstrom, John Deere


Mr. Stock,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for speaking at the John Deere Intern Conference last week.  I really enjoyed your presentation and I feel many of the other interns enjoyed it as well.  I think I enjoyed it so much because I could relate to everything you said, being from Cedar Rapids and around town during the filming.   

Thanks again for speaking and spending a few days with us college kids. Best of luck in your speaking career. 


Adriane Galle
Supply Management Intern
John Deere Des Moines Works



I helped with the audio/visual portion of your presentation at our Iowa Rural Water Association Annual Conference in Coralville last week.  I wanted to quickly write you a note of appreciation for your presentation at our Annual Conference.  You are an excellent speaker with an excellent message.  We really appreciated your participation in the conference.

Thanks again for your part in making our conference a success!

Gary Brons
Training Specialist
Iowa Rural Water Association



Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to you at the Lisle Corporation's luncheon today in Clarinda.  You are quite an inspiration and your story is so amazing.  Thank you for taking the time to come speak at our luncheon as I thoroughly enjoyed it.   

Hearing you speak today just really hit home with me and my family and all the relationships we are building.  Thank you for making this Monday a great day!!


Kristi Clark
Clarinda IA


Kent -   

We met briefly last week at the West Side Kiwanis meeting in Des Moines.  I was asked to give the opening remarks and prayer.  I just wanted to thank you for your talk and your candor in faith.
Have a tremendous week!

Jeff Mullen
Lead Pastor
Point of Grace Church



You were one of the speakers last week at my "Physicians Services Retreat" at the West Des Moines Marriott.  I've always been fascinated by your story!

I just want you to know that my husband and me (our kids, too) have been truly inspired by you. 

God Bless. 

Lea Fagervik  



Again, I want to sincerely thank you for your time, your story and your enthusiasm.  I remain so impressed by your story as well as you, personally.  Thank you for sharing it with Rotary and I know it had a major impact on everyone. 

Thank you and please let me know how I might be service to you.  I would love to show off Salisbury House & Gardens to you and your family sometime when you have the time.


Mark J. Heppner
Executive Director
Salisbury House & Gardens

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Teacher, coach, principal, businessman, husband, parent and powerful speaker, Kent Stock is also the man who coached the 1991 Norway High School baseball team during their now-famous final season. As depicted in the 2007 film, The Final Season, the nationally recognized Norway baseball team came together under inauspicious circumstances. They defied the odds under the leadership of then first-year head baseball coach, Kent Stock, and proceeded to win Norway’s 20th state title.

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picture   "I recently heard you speak at the Deere & Company Auditorium. It was so inspiring and your story is very interesting."

by: Chris Ekstrom, John Deere

"You are an excellent speaker with an excellent message. We really appreciated your participation in the conference."

by: Gary Brons, Iowa Rural Water Association