Heading for Home: My Journey from Little League to Hollywood
by Kent Stock

People who witnessed this true story still can't believe what happened. It was so inspiring that Hollywood came calling and retold the story of a small school's baseball team in the motion picture "The Final Season." It's about family, about faith being tested and affirmed; it rings with the truth that if you never give up, incredible things can happen. Sean Astin, the star of "Rudy" and the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, played Coach Kent Stock in this movie filmed mostly in eastern Iowa.

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Steve Mindrup
Told with veracity and wit, this is the story of a life that started down one path, and ended up on a different, yet equally rewarding path. The lessons on life contained in this story would make a great gift for dads, grads, and anyone else whether they are sports fan or just a fan of a good read. Very well written, and gives a more complete view of what happened leading up to, and after the motion picture, "The Final Season."

S. Busalacchi
Here's an amazing story from somebody who isn't famous, but should be! Not every great story comes out of New York or California, though Hollywood was smart enough to make this book into a movie. And it's a good movie, too. What I enjoyed most about Kent Stock's story is that it speaks to potential borne of grit and determination. I'm not even into baseball, and I had a great time with this.

Kristin White
There is much more than meets the eye - in this book, and in Kent Stock. Yes, it's an inspiring story about baseball and faith in a dream...and yes, they made a movie about him and his winning team. But that's not what the book - or he, as it turns out - is really about. This book is for anyone who did not achieve his or her life's dream. Kent Stock didn't. This book is for anyone who has struggled with faith. Kent Stock did. With delightful humor and unexpected humility, Kent (with Ken Fuson) describes his life's path, which winds ever further away from his dream. And, incredibly, it's his deep integrity that helped lay that path. This book is about a real guy who opens himself up to wherever the path may lead, faces disappointments and loss, adjusts his goals with impressive maturity (without self-pity, resentment, or even resignation), and as a result, finds joy and fulfillment in places he never expected.

Read this book. If you're not careful, you will smile, laugh out loud, and feel your eyes well up with places you never expected.

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About Kent

Teacher, coach, principal, businessman, husband, parent and powerful speaker, Kent Stock is also the man who coached the 1991 Norway High School baseball team during their now-famous final season. As depicted in the 2007 film, The Final Season, the nationally recognized Norway baseball team came together under inauspicious circumstances. They defied the odds under the leadership of then first-year head baseball coach, Kent Stock, and proceeded to win Norway’s 20th state title.

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